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Marie often says she was born with a crayon in one hand and paint brush in the other, for she has been drawing, colouring and painting all of her life. As a child she designed, created and coloured her own boardgames and paper dolls. All of her papers and notebooks were embroidered with her doodles in every empty space. As the daughter of a soldier, she had the privilege of living and experiencing many locals and people, which helped to make her independent and largely adaptable. Born in Canada, she now lives in the United Kingdom where she has lived since 2000. A self taught artist she has written and illustrated storybooks for her children and now grandchildren. A lover of nature, fairies and all things children and vintage, her work largely embodies involves these muses. All of her work is done by hand as she employs a variety of techniques and materials to bring her inspiring and whimsical characters to life.